SABio participa en la Amazon Week en Berlín

Between September 11 and 15, SABio researchers Guilherme de Queiroz Stein and Karen Siegel took part in Amazon Week in Berlin, an event organized by the Brazilian Embassy in partnership with other embassies of Amazonian countries and universities. In addition to attending various debates, Queiroz-Stein and Siegel also presented their research on the bioeconomy-biodiversity nexus at the Institute for Latin American Studies at the Frei Universität Berlin, as part of the panel «The Amazon Complex – More than a Rainforest: Scientific & Transdisciplinary Approximations,» mediated by Prof. Dr. Sérgio Costa. The panel proposed a rapprochement between German and Brazilian academics, activists, and indigenous leaders to build critical perspectives on the Amazonian reality and discuss the role of civil society in the search for sustainability in the region.

To find out more about the research that SABio has been carrying out on this subject, you can access the article recently published in the journal Forest Policy and Economics.

Queiroz-Stein, G., Martinelli, F. S., Dietz, T., & Siegel, K. M. (2024). Disputing the bioeconomy-biodiversity nexus in Brazil: Coalitions, discourses and policies. Forest Policy and Economics, 158, 103101.