Workshop on bioeconomy research areas in Uruguay

Workshop on bioeconomy research areas in Uruguay

Within the SABio Project, a workshop was held in mid-March at the Centro Universitario Regional (CENUR) Noreste, at the Tacuarembó campus of the University of the Universidad de la República (UDELAR), to discuss and exchange information on research projects on bioeconomy, forestry and sustainability that are being carried out in Uruguay.

With the aim of strengthening the links between the SABio Project and research institutions in Uruguay, enriching and discussing the research projects being carried out by the SABio Project, as well as exploring future opportunities for collaboration, together with the Project’s scientific advisor, Lucía Pittaluga, a workshop was organized to bring together researchers from academia who are working on topics related to the bioeconomy.

The workshop brought together researchers from three research projects focused on regional development strategies based on bioeconomy, on transition paths towards the forest bioeconomy in Uruguay and on processes for integrating environmental policies into Uruguayan forestry policy. As a result, the content and progress to date of the different projects was presented, leading to a fruitful and profitable discussion.

In addition, since the workshop was held in a region where timber forestry is of great relevance, field visits were made in association with the aforementioned research projects. In this sense, we visited the surroundings of the third pulp mill in the country, commercial eucalyptus and pine plantations, as well as a silvopastoral project promoted by a producer from Tacuarembó.

Attached is the workshop program with the workshop objectives, details of the projects and attendees.

» Workshop program [.pdf]