SABio participo en la conferencia conjunta de Economía Ecológica y Decrecimiento en Pontevedra, España

Carol Bardi, doctoral researcher at the SABio project, has recently participated at the joint conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics and international degrowth research networks from 18 to 21 June 2024.

Carol presented her ongoing research on women’s food self-provisioning practices in Brazil and how cultivating food gardens may impact their autonomy and living conditions, co-authored with Marina Colerato.

The conference had more than 1200 participants and was held in the beautiful city of Pontevedra, in Galicia, Spain. The topic of the conference was “cultivating collective creativity for a sustainable future” and its location was ideal: Pontevedra is considered one of the pioneers of a sustainable, car-free future after banning cars in most of the city centre. Since then, according to mayor, air pollution has been reduced by 67 percent and quality of life has been increased.

More information about the conference can be found here.