Presentaciones en la IAMO Forum 2021

Trevor Tisler and Pablo Mac Clay, junior researchers at SABio Project, presented at the “IAMO Forum 2021 – Agrifood Systems in the Bioeconomy” (June 7-9). The IAMO Forum is an annual platform for international research in agricultural and related disciplines. This Conference was part of the Bioeconomy Week in Halle

Pablo Mac Clay joined “Parallel Session B2 – Value Chains” and the title of his presentation was “Value chains and innovation pathways in the transition to a sustainable bioeconomy”. In this working paper, he presented a typology of value chains in the context of the bioeconomy. The main research question is the role of value chains in providing the enabling environment for a sustainable transition to a bioeconomy, and the potential welfare effects of this transition from a social sustainability perspective. The panel was completed by Pascal Grouiez (LADYSS) and Verena Beck (Thünen Institute) and was moderated by Ivan Duric (IAMO). Watch Pablo’s recorded presentation here:


Trevor Tisler was part of “Parallel Session A5 – Decarbonization and Green Growth) and presented on “Deforestation Contamination in Brazil’s Ethanol Supply Chains under the National Biofuels Policy”. The preliminary results from this working paper’s spatially-explicit deforestation contamination model were presented for three of Brazil’s principal sugarcane cultivating and ethanol producing regions. The main research question focuses on identifying and quantifying direct and indirect deforestation and its linked carbon emissions that may be contaminating carbon offset credit sales in Brazil’s first regulated carbon marketplace, the CBIO marketplace. The panel participants also included presentations from Lanjiao Wen (IAMO) and Mansoor Ahmed Koondhar (Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University), and the session was moderated by Florian Schierhorn (IAMO). Watch Trevor’s recorded presentation here:


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